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Pieces of Chocolate

Single Origin Venezuelan Craft Chocolate

100% Cacao Venezolano

Find out why Venezuelan cacao is among the finest in the world.

Venezuela is primarily known for its oil but did you know that cacao has been cultivated in Venezuela for hundreds of years? Take a look at our selection of chocolates made from only the best beans from producers of Venezuelan cacao. 

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Chocolates Dalila

Chocolates Dalila was born in late 2018 and started operation in January of 2019. The inspiration for the business came about after owners, Tom & Vicdaly Williams, traveled to Venezuela the summer of 2018 to visit family and friends. For Tom it was his first time traveling to the country in six years and hadn't witnessed first hand the challenges the country was experiencing. The trip was so impactful that we started contemplating various business ideas that would include Venezuela as the focus and the goal being how we could create a positive economic impact and at the same time fund outreach programs. We started out brain storming the products that Venezuela is best know for and ultimately decided that we would make craft chocolate, bean-to-bar, from cacao we would import from Venezuela and in that moment Chocolates Dalila was born!


Venezuela is known around the world for its fine cacao. We purchase raw cacao from Venezuela at a fair price, roast our own beans, and stone grind our cacao for a smooth, high quality chocolate bar. Our company motto is "Let's make the world a little better one bar at a time". 

Making the World a little better one bar at a time.

Tom & Vicdaly Williams


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