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26g Polycarbonate Bar Mold for Chocolate

Buy your 26 gram rectangular bar mold now on Amazon here:

In our opinion, these small rectangular chocolate bar molds are the perfect size for small chocolate makers because of both the quality of the mold and the size puts the bar in at a good price point for more buyers than those willing to buy larger bars that retail at a much higher price point. 50 - 60 gram craft chocolate bars can retail from 7 to over 10 dollars a bar; which for many customers new to craft chocolate (the vast majority of customers), seems astronomical when they are used to buying a Hershy's bar for less than a $1 or a Lindt bar (which appears fancy enough) for $2-$3 dollars for the same size. The majority of the bars we sell are these small rectangular bars with our Tomric molds because you can retail them at a price that more new consumers are willing to try (for us $3.50). Once your customers understand what bean to bar craft chocolate is, they tend to not have a problem later buying the larger 50 - 60 gram bars; so in short this is a good introductory size for consumers new to the craft chocolate world. Tomric molds are actually very common in the craft chocolate world because they also make custom chocolate molds with your own unique logo, design, or name, but the plain molds work just fine starting out to lower your cost starting out. Check out the Tomric site here

Here are some product specs:

  • Professional grade mold for making chocolate bars

  • Made in the US with US food grade polycarbonate plastic

  • Cavities per mold: 6

  • Dimension of finished chocolate: 3.5" x 1" x 0.39"

  • Weight of finished chocolate: 0.91oz (26g)

Buy your 26 gram rectangular bar mold now on Amazon here:

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