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Cacao Grinder ( Champion Juicer)

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Buy your Champion Juicer on Amazon here:

If you are just starting out making craft chocolate at home, or as a small business, the Champion Juicer is the best option on the market for quickly and evenly cracking your roasted cacao prior to winnowing at a reasonable price. Check our our product review of the Sylph Winnower manufactured by Chocolate Alchemy for an inexpensive, and very well designed tool for separating the husk from the nibs after grinding. We recommend purchasing this commercial version of the Champion Juicer; it is very reliable and well built, and beats cracking and winnowing by hand or trying to invent a method using any number of devises people have tried to adapt for the job. We started cracking and removing the husk by hand, believe it or not, and while it was nice sitting around the table and having long conversations with family, it is not even close to being a viable method if your plan is to create a craft chocolate business. This juicer will do the job in seconds rather than a whole day by hand. We recommend partially covering your juicer with a towel to avoid nibs from flying out of your bowl you will use underneath for collecting the pieces. Also recommend you cut the plastic mesh out of the lower piece that the nibs fall through. This will make more since if you watch the video Chocolate Alchemy made demonstrating how to use the juicer for processing roasted cacao; click here to watch:

Buy your Champion Juicer on Amazon here:

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