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Chocolate Recipes

Click here for dark, white, and milk chocolate recipes: link

We had no clue how to make chocolate when we got started, but were determined we would make chocolate from Venezuelan raw cacao. As we scoured the internet for recipes, we eventually came across this very informative and simple page within the HB Ingredients website with many different recipes for various percentages of dark, white, and milk chocolate. This page even explains how to calculate your fat content to make sure you have optimized your recipe so that it is easier to work with and has the consistency that you enjoy. As the page mentions, these recipes are a good starting point and can definitely be tweaked to your own preferences. Our favorite, and our customers in general, is the 70% Dark Chocolate recipe. Of course getting the proportions of cacao nibs, cacao butter, and sugar is only one tiny part of what makes good chocolate and arguably one of the least important compared to starting with a good quality bean that has been properly grown, harvested, fermented, dried, and properly roasted. If you haven't read our review of the Chocolate Alchemy "How to Make Chocolate at Home" video series, click here (link) and we highly suggest watching all of the videos, paying special attention to the oven roasting protocol video.

Click here for dark, white, and milk chocolate recipes: link

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