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Digital Humidity Gauge & Indoor Thermometer

Get your digital humidity monitor and indoor thermometer on Amazon here:

The biggest concern any chocolate maker or chocolatier has is the tempering process and two very important factors that must be controlled when working with chocolate are humidity and temperature. Part of being able to control these factors is firs knowing the temperature and relative humidity in the space your are using to make chocolate; that is where this little device comes in very handy. This is the exact devise we use at home and it has been very useful to us because we live in Houston, TX, where it is extremely hot and humid for a good part of the year and has high humidity even in winter. There isn't anything about the chocolate making process more disappointing than having your bars bloom in front of your eyes after all the time you spent sorting, roasting, cracking, winnowing, refining, tempering and pouring your molds. Buying this little device has saved us so much headache, it is unbelievable, and for so cheap. What we have observed is that our chocolate will bloom as soon as we take our molds out of the refrigerator if the humidity is showing close to 60% or more, so we use this devise to tell us when we need to turn on our dehumidifier before attempting to temper chocolate. We try to keep the humidity at 50% or less and the ambient temperature no higher than 74 F when tempering. If you are giving classes or making chocolate away from your home or shop, these are very handy to take with you to evaluate the humidity and temperature before you use it to temper chocolate.

Get your digital humidity monitor and indoor thermometer on Amazon here:

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