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Craft Chocolate Business Information

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

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Our go-to YouTube channel for the business side of craft chocolate is Craft Chocolate TV. This is another channel we stumbled across while researching good sources of information for our small chocolate business. Craft Chocolate TV was created by Dylan Butterbaugh, founder of Manoa Chocolate in Hawaii. This channel is fantastic because Dylan has videos posted about starting a craft chocolate business to help people make better business decisions based on his experiences. Its nice when you can avoid expensive and time consuming mistakes by learning from someone else's experience, and that is exactly what this channel allows you to do. Dylan's goal for the channel is to provide educational content on the craft chocolate business to help others make smarter decisions and more likely to grow and succeed. Dylan's philosophy is that the more successful craft chocolate businesses there are in the World, the greater the impact the industry can have on the lives of the cocoa farmers and increase the amount of fine cacao that is out there; because when farmers are compensated fairly for quality cocoa, they grow more cocoa and take better care of their pre and post harvest processes.

Follow Craft Chocolate TV by clicking here:

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