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Freeze-Dried Fruit Inclusions

Buy your freeze-dried fruits on Amazon here:

When you start making your own chocolate, eventually it is likely you will want to experiment with inclusions. There are many things I love about the craft chocolate business, and high on the list is the inherent flavor profile within each bean. That flavor profiles can be very different from one type of bean to another, from one origin to another, from one farm to another, and from one harvest to the next. Using inclusions can help highlight the inherent flavor notes that exist within your chocolate naturally or complement them. When I first started making my own chocolate, I had no idea that chocolate had it's one unique flavor profiles as the big chocolate companies use ingredients like vanilla and lots of sugar to cover up the poor quality of their cacao. I'm still very much a purist when it comes to chocolate, because the flavor profiles of different origins are so much fun to discover, but I can't deny that inclusions are also really fun to work with and explore. Your inclusions must be dry, no water content, so freeze-dried fruits is a great option and/or different types of nuts. For trinitario beans that have inherent fruity flavor notes already, we like using these freeze-dried fruits by Natierra. The price and quality are great and they have lots of options. Below I have listed some of the options they sell and some of the product information listed on Amazon. Also, these are rated by other customers 4 out of 5 stars and I would definitely agree.

  • USDA Organic, Kosher, Vegan, Non-GMO Verified and fat free with no preservatives or added sugar*. *Not a low-calorie food; see nutrition information for calorie and sugar content.

  • We source Organic fruit from around the world to bring you farm to pantry crunchy snacks! Treat your family with a plant-based, wholesome and delicious snack that will awake your taste buds without guilt!

  • No sugar added – Why add sugar when fruit is already delicious on its own? We never add any unnecessary sweeteners or colorants to our fruits.

  • Great snack – in today’s busy world, it’s important to be prepared with sensible snacks to help us get though the day. Perfect for your desk drawer, your kid’s lunch box and road trips. A great snack is just a crunch away!

  • Excellent for snacking on its own, baking, adding color to frosting, topping recipes, adding crunch to salads, smoothies.

Buy your freeze-dried fruits on Amazon here:

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