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Glass Bakeware

By your Pyrex Glass Bakeware on Amazon here:

These Pyrex glass dishes for baking are perfect for home oven roasting. We drum roast for all of our products that require a strict, and very specific, roasting profile to enhance or highlight the inherit flavor profiles within our single origin cacao; however, if you are just starting out or if you are making chocolate that profile roasting doesn't really matter, such as for baking, certain inclusion bars, nibs, or chocolate nut-butters, baking is definitely the way to go and is much cheaper than drum roasting since an oven is something you already will have at home. You can certainly also use a cookie sheet but it is much easier to scorch your beans using a cookie sheet than using glass if you are not careful. Also, John Nanci of Chocolate Alchemy has developed a really great roasting protocol for oven roasting using glass bakeware; so we recommend following his roasting protocol to take much of the guesswork out of oven roasting (see video here). With this specific glass bakeware, we roast 2 lbs at a time per dish and no more than two dishes in the oven at a time. See specification listed on Amazon below.

  • Bundle and Save with a Set of 2

  • 3 Quart size

  • Measuring 9 x 13 - Perfect size for baking desert dishes

  • Clear, nonporous Pyrex glass won't stain or absorb odors

  • Clear glass allows you to watch your food as it cooks

  • Safe for oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher; made in USA

By your Pyrex Glass Bakeware on Amazon here:

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