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Small Premier Chocolate Refiner - Melanger

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Get your small Premier chocolate refiner here:

We have been using the small Premier chocolate refiner since we started our bean-to-bar home chocolate business last year and have been extremely pleased with it. This refiner, also called a melanger, is the perfect size for the hobbyist making their own craft chocolate at home or a small business either making chocolate at home to sell at local markets like us or for the already established small business looking to add craft chocolate to their menu. Besides chocolate, these refiners are perfect for making your own nut butters too which we also use this for. The tope things we like about this melanger is its size, it is fairly quite, and super easy to work on when performing maintenance or repairs. We run our refiners for about 72 to 90 hours a week all year and we had no issue until after operating for one year; the belt broke and had to be replaced. The manufacturer, Diamond Custom Machines, is a US company and they have all the spare parts you would need and videos showing how to do the repairs. For the hobbyist, I couldn't imagine there being any issue for a very long time given how robust these machines are but at least if there is an issue, the manufacturer in my opinion has fantastic service. As far as noise level, if you live in an apartment that is not well insulated for noise, you may want to only operate during the day while people are at work unless you live on the first floor; the noise issue is that this machine is spinning and grinding so there are vibrations that could bother neighbors living underneath you. In summary we have three of these for our small business and are extremely happy with them.

Get your small Premier chocolate refiner here:

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