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What is Craft Chocolate? (aka Bean to Bar)

To read the full article by Max form Dame Cacao click here: link

For the who, what, when, where, why of craft chocolate (aka bean to bar), we highly recommend reading Max's, with Dame Cacao, full article by following the link above and if you are really interested in craft chocolate we highly recommend following Dame Cacao's podcast, blog, and social media. We have really enjoyed all of the content Max has put out on the craft chocolate industry.

According to Max, and we fully agree because this is exactly what we do, craft chocolate "is chocolate made from raw cacao beans sourced transparently and made into chocolate on a small scale, with a strong emphasis on the inherent flavor of the beans. It is the result of a marked shift from westernized and over-processed “chocolate” to a global chocolate product, made from beans from all around the world. Single-origin or single-plantation bars are just one of the staples of The Movement. They’re used to showcase both the nuances in flavor of each region’s beans and the skills of a craft chocolate maker. In my opinion, a great chocolate makers cajoles an evolution of flavor notes from their beans, combining scent & taste & texture to create unique flavors."

At Chocolates Dalila, we focus on single original cacao from Venezuela because not only is it absolutely delicious, interesting, and know world wide, but our intent from the very beginning, when the whole concept was just an idea discussed in a family conversation, was to create a business that would create economic opportunity in Venezuela and help us fund outreach projects in our hometown in Venezuela. Actually, the first craft chocolate bar we ever ate was our first batch of dark chocolate. After that first bite, we couldn't believe how unique and wonderful the chocolate tasted then down the rabbit hole we went.

To read the full article by Max form Dame Cacao click here: link

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