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Our sugar free Maracaibo Mud is a chocolate hazelnut butter spread sweetened with Monk Fruit & Erythritol. Our spread is far different in both taste and quality when compared to commercially available spreads at your local grocery store in that not only do we use superior ingredients, but the vast majority of the produce is dark chocolate and hazelnut instead of being mostly cheap vegetable oil and sugar. Our spread is perfect for toast, bagels, fruits, and drizzling over ice cream. 


8oz Sugar Free Maracaibo Mud Hazelnut

  • Store at room temperature even after opening. Product is non-perishable. If white spots or white clusters are present, there is nothing wrong with the product; this is seperation and natural crystallization of the cacao fats and our recommendation is to simply heat in the microwave for 12-15 second intervals and stir. Given that our spread has the cacao fats present, over time the spread will solidify; to make thinner, simply microwave for 12-15 second intervals and stirring until the desired consistancy is obtained. 

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