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This is our new Ceremonial Cacao bar. Did you know that long before Europeans landed on the shores of Latin America cacao was used by the native people for drinking? The area of western Venezuela where our cacao is cultivated is one of the areas cacao originates from. Ceremonial cacao is chocolate in its purest form; made with intention from planting to finished product, using organic farming practices, superior grade cacao, and purchased at a fair price. At Chocolates Dalila we offer this carefully crafted bar, supercharged with positive energy and love, to do our part in honoring the indigenous tribes that first used cacao for drinking in ceremony. Cacao contains a mild stimulant called theobromine, that has mood enhancing effects, and other nutritional benefits such as magnesium, calcium, and antioxidants to name a few. There is zero sugar in this bar and cacao is the only ingredient. We genuinely hope that you enjoy this bar and prepare it with intention, so that it may bring you peace, love, and clarity while respecting the ancient history of this sacred plant.

Basic Drinking Chocolate Preparation:

1 Serving: Blend or whisk six to seven squares of chocolate and desired sweetener (optional) to one cup of very hot water, or and type of milk (dairy or non-dairy) and enjoy. You can also experiment with incorporating different herbs and spices for additional flavor and/or medicinal/spiritual/nutritional properties.

About the design:

The design was made by our very talented graphic designer, Yolmary. All of the design elements are tied to the precolonial tribes that inhabited the Western part of Venezuela where the cacao is farmed. One of the tribes that inhabited the precolonial area of Sur del Lago, were the Maruma; which included approximately 20 different tribes grouped in the larger tribal family called the Timotocuicas. The indigenous girl’s makeup and traditional dress; and the petroglyphs, were all inspired by research of the Venezuelan tribes of the region. Lastly the elements within the circle around the girl, such as the landscape and stars, represent spiritual connection.

Ceremonial Cacao Bar

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