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How to make craft chocolate?

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Learn to make chocolate at home with Chocolate Alchemy by clicking here:

When we first started making chocolate close to a year and a half a go (from time of this post 2/28/2020), finding Chocolate Alchemy was the best thing that happened for our business. We had know clue about making craft chocolate from bean-to-bar and were determined to not only learn how to make our own chocolate but do it extremely well before going to market with our product. The biggest problem we were having was the tempering process and it was driving us crazy. We were hand tempering everything and most of the time we would have bloomed chocolate after pulling our molds from the refrigerator. Just when we were about to throw our hands up in the air and call it quits, we found John Nanci's video on making cocoa butter silk, and have never looked back since. Our chocolate comes out perfectly tempered 99% of the time (1% of time we have had too much humidity or did not properly heat our chocolate before tempering). I recommend that everyone from home hobbyist to small business looking to add craft chocolate to their menu check out the Chocolate Alchemy website and YouTube channel. Not only do they have free education material, they have tons of awesome products and beans for sell. Anything you purchase from Chocolate Alchemy you can be assured it is top notch. We have both equipment and beans we have purchased from them and very happy.

Learn to make chocolate at home with Chocolate Alchemy by clicking here:

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